The Secret Sauce in Creating a Music Buzz

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We hear the word ‘buzz’ thrown around a lot in the Music Industry, and indies are told by managers, A&R’s, and DJ’s to create one if they want to ‘get on’. Unfortunately, it’s hard to create something if you don’t know what it is or where to start.

Here’s a breakdown of how building a buzz works:

  • A buzz means you have your entire package together.
  • An online presence (website and social media sites)
  • An active fan base (that comments, views, and shares your music/lifestyle online)
  • A hot single (catchy hook, dope beat)
  • Quality photos
  • Maybe a music video
  • Decent single/album art
  • An interesting story (your bio)

If done correctly (and of course if the music is undeniable), then a few things will happen:

  • Big blogs will be interested in you (for interviews which create exposure)
  • Radio stations will be interested in you (to play your music and interview you)
  • Major record labels will be interested in you (to sign you)
  • Promoters will be interested in you (to book you for paid shows)

All of the above mentioned things will happen once you have successfully hypnotized your audience into buying or doing what you want them to do.


The tricky (and most important part) is getting people’s attention. This is called attraction. Most people are attracted by sex, money, drugs, entertainment, deformities, religion, and success. These all play a role in what they see and what they hear.


Once you have the people’s attention, the next thing to do is to engage them. This can be done by creating social media content that will attract people to you and by asking questions (or making relatable statements). Remember if someone likes, shares your post, or follows you–engage them back by starting a conversation with them.


Merch, music, concert tickets, books, donations, etc. Doesn’t really matter what your selling. Just as long as the people are buying. You can hammer out the details later.

-Farlin Ave (@farlinave)


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Author: Farlin Ave

Naheem “Farlin Ave” Houston is a musician and founder of 7 Star Dreams. When not busy being an entrepreneur, he works as an entertainment news journalist for the mainstream Hip Hop stations 97.9 The Beat in Dallas, TX and Hot 104.1 in St. Louis, MO. 

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