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2016 is looking bright for a lot of new up-and-coming artists and we got a chance to chat with Juice’d Up Dre coming out of St. Louis, MO about his goals and his latest single “Leave Me Alone”. See what he had to say…

7 Star Dreams: For those that don’t know you, tell the people how you got your name, and a bit about where you’re from?

Juice’d Up Dre: Well ‘dre’ is the last part of my real name and noooo it ain’t Andre. It’s Devondre (ha) and I always been kinda popular in the incrowd all my life, so I always thought BIG DAWG had the juice (not some but all) so I say Juice’d Up lol but fr…

7 Star Dreams: Coming out of a city like St. Louis, which has slowed down musically since the days of megastars like Nelly and Chingy, how do you go about pushing your music locally and has it been a challenge for you?

Juice’d Up Dre: Well, since then you say it slowed down, I say it [the industry] got in a position for a person with my type of style and story to pop out. It’s time to bring it back to the streets. My time wasn’t for back then anyways (I was like 11 lol). But without them, what I’m about to do would have been impossible.

7 Star Dreams: It seems like nowadays, everybody wants to be a rapper, because of what seems like overnight success, but everyone doesn’t want to put in the work and invest in themselves. As far as building your brand, how much would you say that you’ve invested into perfecting your craft?

Juice’d Up Dre: Investing. These rap cats don’t believe in spending money. NO BUDGET = NO CAREER. I’ve spent tooooo damn much. Been sold dreams. Shady deals. But, it’s all a part of the biz though.

7 Star Dreams: Your new single “Leave Me Alone” has been building some buzz lately. Who produced it and how’d you guys link up?

Juice’d Up Dre: Yeah people love it & my bro 101 Da Exclusive (@101daexclusive) produced it. He with TMT. We met on Ms. Deb’s Be100Radio site. He hit me up. We chopped it up and been bros since then. Aye if u from St. Louis and ain’t got a 101 beat, you ain’t stamped yet lol fr tho #WORD

7 Star Dreams: So for Juice’d Up Dre, what’s life like for you outside of the music industry?

Juice’d Up Dre: I don’t believe in life outside of music. I ain’t made it yet, so it ain’t really no room to do NOTHING ELSE. It’s honestly all I know. If I got a job at the Trump Tower, I’d be telling people how I’m going to quit soon as the rap check come (lol). I’m humble though and God fearing.

7 Star Dreams: As far as your career goes, are you going to stick with taking the independent route or are you hoping to get signed?

Juice’d Up Dre: I’m just gone continue to WORK (WERKKK) and apply pressure and whatever comes along the way that makes the most sense, is the route I’m a take.

7 Star Dreams: Where can new fans get a hold of you online?

Juice’d Up Dre: The best way to get at me would be my IG @juicedupdre. I got a website on the way. Facebook be tripping (they want my real name and I ain’t decided what name I’m a use ha)! But right now follow me on IG @juicedupdre. I really interact, so anything from there people will know about it. We starting fresh.

Check out a preview of Juice’d Up Dre’s latest single “Leave Me Alone” below.


Author: Farlin Ave

Naheem “Farlin Ave” Houston is a musician and founder of 7 Star Dreams. When not busy being an entrepreneur, he works as an entertainment news journalist for the mainstream Hip Hop stations 97.9 The Beat in Dallas, TX and Hot 104.1 in St. Louis, MO. 

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