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4 Common Problems Hurting Artists… And How To Solve Them

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Got dreams of becoming a successful artist in the Music Business? You can do it. Success can mean different things to different people, but in most cases it equates to a few metrics like: Creating a buzz Building a following Making money from your brand/music Being seen on big blogs Racking up BDS radio spins […]

Is Your Music Registered So You Can Get Paid?

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Welcome to the big leagues. Being an independent artist is a full-time job, especially when it comes to the business aspect. In this post, I’m going to share 6 secrets that most artists either don’t know or would like to know more about. When it comes to the Music Business, these 6 invisible machines play […]

7 Actions Your Fans Should Be Taking

7 actions your fans should be taking

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Fans are essential to the success of any artist. Without them, your music career is more or less an expensive hobby. So what should artists be looking for or asking their fans to do? The answers are simple. 1. Subscribe. You should always direct traffic to your website ( Once your fans get there, make it […]

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