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What's 7 Star Dreams?

7stardreams.com is the world's first 7-step Music Business platform that uses advanced technology to help unsigned musicians fix their problems---so that they can succeed. We're able to accomplish this through our artist development software that uncovers our client's needs and provides customized, simple to implement strategies. 

I'm Farlin Ave, owner/musician, and this company was  built on the tools and strategies that I've found success with over the years... I used to work at Walmart as a manager, but I quit my job once God opened the door for me to apply my advanced marketing skills in the Music Industry as an independent artist and as an Online Editor for a major radio station... I say that to say this: I enjoy living my dream and giving back, so if music is your passion, I can easily point you in the right direction--so that you can live yours too.

Advanced Marketing Results

Get access to the same Music Business & viral marketing strategies that I used to...

Go Viral

My song "U Ridin Or Naw," mixed by T.I.'s Grand Hustle engineer Brad 'Dirt' Horne, went viral on Facebook & YouTube with over 300,000 views combined. I was able to accomplish this by creating highly targeted ads, based on people who have an interest in music similar to mine.

What you see below is an example of the difference between getting real engagement (that shows detailed analytics like what you see below) vs. when people buy fake views from random companies. With the ad campaigns like what you see below, you can actually log into your own Facebook or YouTube account and set it up yourself. We'll just point you in the right direction.

Facebook Ad Campaigns

YouTube Ad Campaigns

Get Radio Play

My song "U Ridin Or Naw" got over 200  radio spins on 4 different Nielsen BDS monitored stations, which count towards the Billboard Charts.

Start A Clothing Line

I partnered with a merch company that manufactures and ships my merch for free on demand.

Get Featured On Blogs

My music and brand has been covered by a lot of local and national media outlets.

Get On Spotify Playlists

My song "U Ridin Or Naw" was added to over 100 highly engaged playlists and as a result picked up over 11,000 streams in 30 days.

Spotify Playlist Placement


Sell Music Online

I've set up a music sales funnel and distribution system to earn money from streams and downloads that pays out royalties every 2 months through TuneCore. If your music is any good, you can earn way more.

Music Sales Funnel


And Much, Much More.

I've got over 250 trusted  connections across the U.S. with professional graphic designers, video producers, photographers, blogs, social media experts, entertainment attorneys, recording studios, distributors, engineers, music tech companies, DJs, and beat producers (who work with major artists), willing to help you build your brand and create a high quality product to market. All you have to do is get connected.

You've tried everything else, now...


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