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If you’re going to pay for radio campaigns, BDS monitored stations are the way to go. If the Internet radio station is NOT BDS monitored – don’t pay for promotion. Here is a list of all the stations that are monitored by Nielsen. Major labels can track your BDS radio spins – which looks good on your resume. Mainstream stations are harder to get on because you are competing with major label artists who already established.

Your best shot at getting your music on the radio is to go the BDS Internet radio route on with these stations below by following their submission process and/or paying the fee.

These stations get hundreds of daily submissions so be patient and be professional. Feel free to follow-up with them after a week to see if they had a chance to review your submission.

Here’s an example of the initial email to the a radio station and the follow-up email I sent. Below are stations you can try out.


  • 66 Raw – $450 (min. of 10 spins in 30 days)
  • Auma Radio – $0 (# of spins vary)
  • K100 – $0 (# of spins vary)
  • Power 107.9 – $10 (# of spins vary)
  • 103.7 Da Beat – $55/day (submit your music here:
  • Be100 Radio – $0 (# of spins vary)
  • DaGr8FM – $40 (10 spins – submit your music here:
  • Live From The MIA – $10 (submit your music here:
  • Power 102 Jamz – $0 (# of spins vary – submit music to the Music Director on the form)