Check out the content below about: Promoting Your Video On YouTube Using Ads

YouTube, makes it easy for you to get your music in front of potential fans using their ad platform (similar to Facebook ads). The way YouTube helps you get real views is by showing your video to a wide range of people (or targeted if you want to go that route). The way it works is that YouTube will show your video as an ad before someone else’s video. If someone watches your video for more than 30 seconds, then YouTube will count that as a view.

Keep in mind that when you run your video as an ad, you should be using the clean radio edit version of your video. If you try to run your video as an ad that has what’s considered curse words in it, your ad may not get approved. Once you’re ready, feel free to try it out by running your first video campaign for $10/day for 10 days. This should get you over 5,000 views.

Please don’t confuse this with buying views. If you Google “buy YouTube views” you’ll find thousands of companies saying they can help you. I wouldn’t trust them though. Most of those companies use robots to drive up your views (read this post), which violates YouTube’s policy, and will cause your video to GET DELETED. This happened to me early in my career when I didn’t know any better. Don’t let it happen to you because trust me—YouTube will delete your video and you won’t get a refund from a fake promo company. Be smart and only use the YouTube ad platform.


  1. Log into your YouTube account
  2.  Upload your video or click on the existing video you want to promote
  3. Once your video shows up, directly under it, click the Video Manager button
  4. A page with your videos will show up. Next to your video, you will see two buttons: Edit and a down button. Click the down button.
  5. Under the down button, a menu will show up with a few different options. Pick the option that says Promote.
  6. You will be taken to welcome screen. Click the Promote your video button.
  7. Now you can set your budget as far as how much you want to spend and on the right hand side, you’ll see how many views you’ll get. For Budget, click the menu and change it from Campaign budget to Daily budget. For the U.S. $ amount, you can put how much you would want to spend per day promoting your video. If it’s your first time, start out with just $10 (you can change this amount at any time).
  8. For the Audience, change from Everyone to Let me choose who sees my ad. Leave the locations set to Worldwide (this will get you the most views for your budget. You could change this to say just the United States, but you will get less views for your money).
  9. For the Interests, type in your genre of music. Example: for hip hop or rap, type in Rap and an option will pop-up. Click that option.
  10. Now click the button at the bottom that says Next step.
  11. On this screen, you now will create the text that will be seen with your YouTube video ad. For the Headline, put something like New Music. For Description line 1, put something like St. Louis Rapper (replace St. Louis with the city you’re from). For Description line 2, put something like your Artist Name – Song Title (ex: Farlin Ave – U Ridin Or Naw). *Note: You can change those descriptions anyway you’ like, I’m just providing you with a good example to get you started.
  12. Next click the Next step button. Now click Sign in to Google AdWords to finish up. (If you don’t have a Google AdWords account, create one here in a separate tab or just follow the steps).
  13. On the last screen, you will be able to review your ad. If everything looks good, click the button Create and launch campaign.