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YouTube, makes it easy for you to get your music in front of potential fans using their ad platform (similar to Facebook ads). The way YouTube helps you get real views is by showing your video to a wide range of people (or targeted if you want to go that route). The way it works is that if someone watches your video for more than 30 seconds, then YouTube will count that as a view.

Keep in mind that when you run your video as an ad, you should be using the clean radio edit version of your video. If you try to run your video as an ad that has what’s considered curse words in it, your ad may not get approved.

Once you’re ready, feel free to try it out by running your first video campaign for $10/day for 10 days. This should get you over 5,000 views.

I used YouTube ads for my video “U Ridin Or Naw” and it went viral with over 100,000 views. This cost me only $1,267.22! That’s an extremely cheap way to reach people around the world without having to tour, etc.

Please don’t confuse this with buying views. If you Google “buy YouTube views” you’ll find thousands of companies saying they can help you. I wouldn’t trust them though. Most of those companies use robots to drive up your views (read this post), which violates YouTube’s policy, and will cause your video to GET DELETED. This happened to me early in my career when I didn’t know any better. Don’t let it happen to you because trust me—YouTube will delete your video and you won’t get a refund from a fake promo company. Be smart.