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A professional music video is a great marketing tool to get your music out to the masses. The most important thing to keep in mind when making a video is to go for quality. A lot of artists take the wrong route and hook up with video producers who make poor quality videos. The best way I can explain is to look at their work and if it looks like it could be on TV–then you’re in the right hands.

Things to send you video producer are the clean version and dirty version of your song in mp3 format at 320 kbps (the format you should have requested from your mastering engineer). That way, you can ask your videographer to create your video using the clean version, then to also create another version using the dirty version of your song–because networks like BET and MTV don’t air videos with the dirty version’s explicit lyrics.

When reaching out to a video producer located nearest you, please be respectful of their time. Let them know you are trying to shoot a video for your song at maybe 1-2 different locations, provide a date when you’ll be ready, and mention the price below. You can also ask them do they have b-roll footage to add to your video (b-roll is random footage videographers shoot–an example would be the Arch in St. Louis or a shot of downtown). The safest way to send money to your videographer is to use PayPal (all you would need is a PayPal account, which is free to create, and their email to send it).

Here’s an example of my video in which I hired a videographer in St. Louis.