36 Sites Musicians Should Avoid

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Companies are flooding the Internet market like crazy, promising Artists ‘fame’ in the form of:

  • Fake followers (on Twitter and Instagram)
  • Fake views (on YouTube)
  • Fake plays (on SoundCloud, ReverbNation, and LiveMixtapes)

Buying fans is a guaranteed way for an artist to lose money. They promise to be “100% real”, but in the end, most of these services are automated by “bots” that use janky marketing tactics that drive unrealistic traffic to your social media accounts.

After they’ve scammed hundreds of people, most of the sites shut down. Don’t waste your time or money fooling with these companies. Here’s a list we’ve compiled:

  1. SocialMediaPros.org
  2. VideoViralViews.com
  3. FastFollowerz.com
  4. ViralMediaBoost.net
  5. YouTubeVirals.com
  6. PromoPalaceLLC.mybigcommerce.com
  7. ViewManiac.com (site down now)
  8. Hypevolume.com (site down now)
  9. WeMakeYouViral.com
  10. EfansMedia.com
  11. Watup4u2.info
  12. Thelabel360.net
  13. Getmorepromotions.com
  14. Authenticviews.com
  15. Buyrealmarketing.com
  16. HitMusicFans.com (site down now)
  17. Saletwitterfollowers.com
  18. Admgonline.com
  19. Instantfollowz.com
  20. Mycheapjobs.com/categories/Social-Marketing
  21. Emailiachampagne.com
  22. Masroso.com
  23. Mgstylez.net
  24. Rosomedia.com
  25. Mixtapeslots.com
  26. Socialnetworth.co.za
  27. Realfollowers.co (site down now)
  28. IKillPromo.com
  29. Streetkode.com/product-category/promo
  30. Zevmedia.com
  31. Brandingmusicians.com
  32. Pushpowerpromo.com/services
  33. Soundhomies.com
  34. Famehomies.com
  35. Socialyup.com
  36. Buylivemixtapeviews.com

Editor Updates:

-followserver.com (added 12/29/16)
-Followrush.biz (added 12/29/16)
-Imarketsocial.net/services (added 12/29/16)
-Deserstormradio.com (added 8/8/17) Bad customer service + offers Internet radio promo, but these are not BDS spins.
-Buymusicallyfans.com (added 10/17/17)
-Musicmediapromotions.weebly.com (added 11/2/17)


Author: Farlin Ave

Naheem “Farlin Ave” Houston is a musician and founder of 7 Star Dreams. When not busy being an entrepreneur, he works as an entertainment news journalist for the mainstream Hip Hop station 97.9 The Beat in Dallas, TX. 

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