Learn How I Went From Working At Walmart To Being Successful In The Music Industry

Using A Simple 7-Step System

About Me

Hey what's up? I'm Farlin Ave, musician/entrepreneur and I'd like to share with you some of the tools and strategies that I've found success with over the years...

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I used to work at Walmart, but I quit my job to be in the Music Industry (not saying that you should do the same though). But as you can see below, I'm living my dream... And you should be living yours too.

Get Access To The Same Tools & Strategies
I Used To...

Go Viral:
My music video “U Ridin Or Naw” went viral on YouTube and Facebook with over 300,000 views combined.

Get Radio Play: 
My song "U Ridin Or Naw" got lots of radio spins on 3 Nielsen BDS monitored radio stations. 

Start A Clothing Line:
I partnered with a merch company that manufactures and ships my merch for free. 

Get Featured:
I've been covered by a lot of local and national media outlets. 

Get Streams Up And Added To Spotify Playlists:
My current Spotify campaign for my song "U Ridin Or Naw" has gained over 10,000 streams and been added to over 90 Spotify playlists in the last 30 days. 

Get Connected:
I've got over 250 connections all across the U.S. with professional graphic designers, video producers, photographers, blogs, social media experts, entertainment attorneys, recording studios, distributors, engineers, music tech companies, DJs and beat producers willing to help you build your brand and create a high quality product to market.

How It Works

It may come as a surprise to some, but the Music Industry is "90% business, and only 10% about music." A lot of artists get so wrapped up in making music that they neglect handling the business side of things needed to have a successful career. 

The Music Industry can be confusing, so I broke it down into 7-steps so that any up-and-coming artist would be able to have a chance to succeed. Those 7-steps are: Entrepreneurship, Advising, Production, I.P. & Royalties, Website & Social Media, Distribution & Marketing. Within those 7-steps, there are over 30 different areas for us to assist an artist in furthering their career.

All you have to do is create a profile telling us your needs and submit your music, wait 2 business days for your submission to be reviewed, and then our patent pending technology will reveal the INDUSTRY SECRETS possibly holding you back.

Based on your needs, our software will customize you an easy-to-read, 7-Step Strategy that’ll tell you exactly “what to do”, “who to contact”, “how to budget”, and “how many days” it will take for you to complete the program and get results.

You’ll also get access to the online training course which goes further into detail and includes videos and strategic tips to help you succeed. Ready to get started? Just follow the steps below:

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2. Create a profile and submit your music. Wait (2) business days for review.

3. Follow the solutions on your 7-step strategy to get results.

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